Quality never goes out of fashion


We aim to make the highest quality product possible only using healthy olives, pressed on our grove within hours of harvesting so we know the passion and care that goes into making it.

We will never be big and nor do we want to be.

A number of years ago I was inspired by the founder of Starbuck’s Howard Schultz’s autobiography “Pour Your Heart Into It”.
The inspiration came not from how he made a fortune and took the coffee chain across the world, but from his description of those early days in Seattle. His attention to detail in every respect of the process, and his commitment to create the best cup of coffee he could shone through.

Now it can be found in every city across the world – bland and tasteless (Hurrah for the Kiwi Flat White).

In 1940 Dick and Mac McDonald opened a burger stand in San Bernardino, California. While this is just a hunch, I bet their burgers tasted delicious! In a modern day equivalent – walk in to any supermarket and look at the shelves of Olive Oil – clear glass bottles of oxidising blandness with misleading terms purporting quality.

More Industrial Chemistry than the alchemy of taking the raw fruit and making the pure liquid gold that so entranced the ancients.
We’ll keep doing what we are doing thanks!

Neudorf Olives, Upper Moutere Nelson