Neudorf Olives, Upper Moutere Nelson

Table Olives and Dukkah

After a lot of experimenting to find something we were happy with, we have started producing table olives in two flavours; Moroccan which is hot and spicey, and Tuscan which has subtle lemon and thyme flavours. The olives are Kalamata olives marinated in our own oil and flavoured with various herbs/spices.

When you have finished the olives, the oil is delicious to marinate meats and seafood in, or a ¬†favourite of mine is to slow roast tomatoes that have been drizzled with the Moroccan oil – delicious hot on toast, in casseroles or with salads. A wide range of vegetables benefit from the addition of the flavours of the oils when roasting if you’re after something a little special.

Years ago, my mother suggested we made Dukkah, to complement the olive oils, but I had never found a recipe I liked enough to make myself… but finally I have, so we have added Egyptian Dukkah to our range. It has a roasted hazelnut base with a variety of seeds, and spices added to make a mix which is delicious when bread that has been dipped in our oil is then dipped in the Dukkah or it can be sprinkled over salads and dips.

The Table Olives and Dukkah are available over the summer period from the grove, and in limited volumes when I have sufficient stock, at Kete in Mapua and Mapua Country Store. If you would like to visit the grove and taste the new range, please email me or phone (03 5432434) to arrange a suitable time. For online orders, please email me for courier costs.

Neudorf Olives, Upper Moutere Nelson