The Passion 

We love what we do, and we think it shows in our Oil. We hand tend our trees, and use sustainable methods and organic approaches to care for our grove. We have a responsibility to the land, and to our customers too. Taking these responsibilities seriously is easy when you’re passionate about your work.

The Pleasure 

From day one, it was our goal to be responsible growers, to respect the land,
the grove and the whole health of our trees. We believe it has a lot to do
with the quality of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil. One grove, one press, and
good honest hard work. It’s a simple approach, but it keeps us focussed. We
work with sustainability and organic principles at the top of our list.
Keeping it pure, simple and a real pleasure.

The Neudorf Olive Tree

The Place 

We are nestled high in the gently rolling herringbone hills that rise from Tasman bay toward the Western Ranges.

Our olives make the most of the gravelly Moutere clay, and the famous Nelson sunshine makes for a Mediterranean climate – just the way they like it. Frost is rare, and our ponds help us out in times of drought. But did we mention the view?

The Promise 

Producing the finest quality Extra-Virgin Olive Oil is our promise to you. We guarantee it. From our tree to our press, to the drizzling bottle, we do everything on our family grove, and ensure that quality processes, and only the finest fruit result in the finest Oil.

Welcome to Neudorf Olives - award winning, Single Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil, from Nelson, New Zealand

Neudorf Olives, Upper Moutere Nelson