Neudorf Olives, Upper Moutere Nelson

I’m not very good at posting on the website… nothing like stating the obvious! For more regular updates, check out our facebook page.

2018 passed in a blur. The harvest went well, though we had a bearing fail in the press, cutting short the harvesting of Leccino olives, as we had no way to press them. We have lots of Frantoio oil, an average amount of Koroneiki and reduced volumes of Leccino oil.

We are still doing the finishing pruning touches to the olive trees, though the major work was done in spring. It’s hot work out there at the moment. It reminds me to be grateful that we don’t harvest in summer, when the heat would be unbearable.

We had lots of rain early to mid December, which we thought might affect the pollination of the trees. (olives are wind pollinated, rather than bee pollinated) Happily, this does not look like it has had a detrimental effect, so 2019 is looking promising!

We have extended our range of outlets to include more Christchurch supermarkets… New Worlds, two Raeward Fresh stores and Sumner Super Value, and we’re hoping to continue expanding further south. I’ll keep you updated.

Wishing all you lovely people out there a happy and successful 2019.


Neudorf Olives, Upper Moutere Nelson